Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Stuff!

We've been trying out some new products in our house. We've been loyal Honest Kitchen eaters foe about two years now but Momma decided that we needed some different flavors. So, we tried Grandma Lucy's freeze-dried raw food. It works the same way as HK and we love it! Even the chihuahua girls are always excited to eat their meals. Momma said we'll maybe do it in a rotation once in awhile but not all the time because it has garlic in it.

We're also trying Darwin's Pet raw foods. This product is actually on it's way to us but we can't wait to get it!

Lily gets to pioneer new ear cleansing formula and Visine A. She hates the ear cleaner but seems to love the eye drops. She doesn't run and hide from them so that's a plus.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rainy days

Well, it's been raining practically non-stop since Saturday. What this means to me, is that I haven't been able to go outside a play. There are squirrels and birds out there- and they miss me! I'm so bored cooped up in this house that even my ball and toy squirrel have lost their allure. To ease my depression, I've been looking at pictures of the fun we used to have outside.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A goody two-shoes...or not!

It all started off as an innocent night. Mom came home and set the bags she was carrying in MY chair. Well, I got in the chair and found stuff I wasn't supposed to have. So, naturally, I opened the bag and removed one of the tiny pumpkins. I knew I wasn't supposed to eat it, so I took it to my Daddy. He took it from me and put it on the end table. Mommy picked up the whole bag of candy pumpkins and put it where I couldn't reach it.

Well, here's where the story goes bad: Mom and Dad decided to take the pirates to run in the field across the street. AND, they had the nerve to leave me home. I was fuming mad. So I did what any terror would do and I ate the pumpkin that Daddy left on the end table.

Now you know those tiny little mellowcreme pumpkins that they sell out Halloween. Well let me be the first to tell you, they are NOT pup friendly. I only ate one pumpkin and I swear I vomited my weight in the next 20 minutes or so. Needless to say, from now on, I will keep my snout where it belongs (unless something smells really good).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 tribute

Thankfully, we weren't around to experience the heartbreak that was 9/11/01 however, we know that it was a hard time for everyone in the USA.

So, on this 10th anniversary, we'd like to thank everyone who attempted to search and recover survivors, including search and rescue canines.

Here's a news article with pictures of these wonderful (and likely expired) doggies in action:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's talk about the weather!


I mean, it's like, in the eighties! This is especially important for me, now that it has been decided that I should grow my hair out to get an official Westie cut. All this hair is HOT. Plus, I'm a total mess.

On the plus side, since I'll have hair this year, I won't have to wear sweaters to go outside. I did overhear them talking about seeing snow though. I don't know what that is but the flowers say that it's no good. I'm a little scared!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bucket List

So, I got together with my sisters and we decided that we should create a bucket list for us pups. We worked long and hard so it took us a few days (we like to nap, A LOT) but here it is:

1. See 49 states 5/49 down (not HI)
2. Go swimming in a pool
3. Have a whole steak for dinner
4. Go to Canada
5. Visit all FL state parks
6. Get a house with a doggie door
7. have a skin-sibling
8. make it through a vet visit without crying (Roxy)
9. learn some agility stuff (Riley)
10. Takeover the world (Lily)
11. Be pampered for a day life (Daisy)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Moves

So, last month, we all moved to Tallahassee when our Daddy got a new job. So far, we're really liking it! We've got our own fenced in yard to play in and our own bedroom! The only bad thing is that all of our playmates stayed down south.

Right now, it's really hot here. Like, even hotter than we are used too. Oh, and there's lots of bugs. Momma says that it will cool down and the bugs will go away in October or so. We're really hoping that she's right. Of course, Momma is always right ;)